Fruit acid peels disolve the uppermost layers of the skin to allow new, fresh regrowth. The depth of the peel can be light to deep depending upon the peeling agent used and how long it is left on the skin.  

The Eminence Professional line includes a wide range of treatment options including natural beta-hydroxy acid (glycolic), natural alpha hydroxy-acid (salicylic), papain, bromelain and lactic acid. It is not uncommon for the skin to be red right after a peel. The masks and serums used after the peel are highly bio-active and help to heal the skin quickly. 

Typically there is NO down time with a moderate peel. You will have to wear a good quality sunscreen when exposed to the sun. Fruit acid peels are a very active treatment and is only recommended for mature, fatigued, pigmented and blemished skin. When preformed in a series, your esthetician will safely and gradually increase the precentage of of fruit acids with each treatment, accelerating the improvement in your skin's texture, tone and appearance.

For optimum results, we recommend this treatment in a series scheduled a week apart. 

Fruit Acid Peel $50

With Facial $95